Who we are?

Copyright Licensing Agency is a regional entertainment licensing and merchandising resource company whose principal focus is in the areas of media sales, entertainment and brand licensing, third-party promotions and retail development. The agency’s efforts are centered in the licensing, branding and merchandising businesses. CLA is uniquely positioned to offer clients a broad array of offerings including: TV and home entertainment sales, strategic analysis and evaluation of entertainment projects for merchandising, regional and international licensing management and consulting.

Since its launch in 2005, CLA has quickly became a resource for both domestic and international production companies providing a one-stop shop for both media sales and licensing. CLA taps into its strong relationships with industry experts and assembles a team to work with our clients from inception through implementation. In this way, CLA can bring together the best possible team to fit the client’s needs and objectives. The agency focuses on what it knows best entertainment and brand licensing.

What we do?

  • Overall responsibility for managing licensing programs.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Artwork Review and Recommendations.
  • Royalty Reporting System.
  • Policing of infringement products.

How we do it?

  • Total immersion into each and every property we represent.
  • Work side by side with our licensor partners to lay out a strategic blueprint that will create a brand-building strategy for the long-term.
  • Extend and build licensing programes and create brand awareness for each of the properties and brands we represent.


"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"

Don Corleone/Marlon Brando in The Godfather

Facts in Numbers





  • Licensing Program         Development & Management
  • Strategic Brand Extension
  • Direct-To-Retail Licensing
  • Retail Development
  • Bespoke Promotional & QSR         Opportunities



  • TV Sales and Distribution
  • Digital Media Licensing
  • Licensing Content to VOD &         Multimedia Platforms
  • Home Entertainment         Licensing
  • Postproduction Services



  • Consulting to IP Owners on         Developing & Executing                  Licensing Programs
  • Strategic Advice for Brand         Owners on Brand Extension &         Licensing
  • Consulting to Retailers on         License Acquisitions
  • Providing Turnkey Solutions         to Brand Owners and         Retailers



  • Creative Service & Product         Approval
  • Product & Packaging         Conceptualization
  • POS & POP Design &         Development
  • Creative Assets Evaluation
  • Style Guide Development



  • Copyrighting and Trademark         Registration
  • Contracts Drafting, Review &         Management
  • Royalty & Audit Reports         Management
  • Copyright Legal Issues &         Disputes Advice


What is Licensing?

The basic definition of trademark licensing is rather straightforward, if somewhat legalistic. A license is an agreement through which a licensee leases the rights to a legally protected piece of intellectual property from a licensor –the entity which owns or represents the property — for use in conjunction with a product or service. But the relative simplicity of that definition is a mere gateway to a way of doing business in an ever-widening range of product categories and types of properties.

Licensing is a marketing and brand extension tool that is widely used by everyone from major corporations to the smallest of small business. Entertainment, sports and fashion are the areas of licensing that are most readily apparent to consumers, but the business reaches into the worlds of corporate brands, art, publishing, colleges and universities and non-profit groups, to name a few.

Licensing is defined as the process of leasing a trademarked or copyrighted entity (known as a “property”) for use in conjunction with a product, service or promotion. The property could be a name, likeness, logo, graphic, saying, signature, character or a combination of several of these elements.

Licensing is usually based on a contractual agreement between two business entities: the owner or agent of the property, also known as the licensor and the renter of the rights, and the prospective licensee – generally a manufacturer or service provider who believes that by using the property as a marketing tool, it can sell more of the product or otherwise attach itself to the emotion generated by the property.

The formal permission to use the owner’s property is subject to certain terms and conditions, such as a specific purpose, a defined geographic area, and a finite time period. In exchange for granting the rights, the licensor obtains a financial remuneration. The basic component of this payment is the royalty — in most cases a percentage of the licensee’s sales of products covered by the license. Most deals also include a “guarantee” or “minimum” – a sum that the licensee is required to pay to the licensor even if little or no product is sold. A percentage of this guarantee is often paid as an advance at the time the deal is signed.


Brand Licensing

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Copyright Licensing Agency will be exhibiting at the 1st edition of Brand Licensing Middle East, which will take place in Dubai from 15th to 16th March 2017.  BLME is the premier event in the Middle East region dedicated to promoting the licensing, merchandising and brand development industry.

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PepsiCo Announced As Twitter Launch Partner for Promoted #Stickers


Partners unleash #PepsiMoji stickers on the world, leveraging Twitter’s new ad product to bring the beverage giant’s global #PepsiMoji campaign to life in a new and exciting way

Twitter and Pepsi announced today that the beverage brand will be the exclusive global launch partner for Twitter’s newest ad product, Promoted #Stickers. This campaign marks the largest partnership between the two brands to date and is a result of months of collaboration. As part of the partnership, Pepsi will secure featured placement in the #Stickers library in ten countries across five continents, including Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

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iStyle Originals fresh, clean and fun designs are targeted towards the fans of iCulture, a market that is 500 Million strong and growing. A $2 billion plus market for Apple related products.

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Timeless POP ART


The artist, Sidney Maurer has painted and loved over 350 of the worlds celebrated icons.

His over 150 strong collections of icons ranging from celebrities to musicians and endangered species of his time are exceptional. From Marilyn to Brando, Messi to Depp or Lady Gaga, they depict likeliness to the most famous celebrities in music, pop culture, sports, film, politics,  art, and history.

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